(Rental)-Offensive Anatomy: Our Plan to Make Them Wrong

  • (Rental)-Offensive Anatomy: Our Plan to Make Them Wrong
  • Offensive Anatomy: Our Plan to Make Them Wrong by Mike Neighbors Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
  • (Rental)-Offensive Anatomy: Our Plan to Make Them Wrong
  • Offensive Anatomy: Our Plan to Make Them Wrong by Mike Neighbors Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mike Neighbors’ Offensive Anatomy: “Our Plan to Make ‘Em Wrong!”

    University of Arkansas women’s basketball coach Mike Neighbors has one of the best offenses at any level of college basketball. His “Functionally Fast” philosophy has taken teams to the Final Four and has produced 11 WNBA draft picks.

    In this video, Coach Neighbors will show you how he constructs the Razorbacks offense using a variety of drills. He also shares some insight into his priorities and terminology used.

    Building the Offense

    Coach Neighbors starts with the different responsibilities for each player in the transition offense. Each player has a job and that job must be executed to perfection for the offense to succeed at a high level. To help teach the fast break, Neighbors uses the “Trips” and “Five Trips” drills. These help train the primary options in the transition offense.

    The best offenses generate the most shots for the best players on the team. Coach Neighbors has developed a system that helps to identify players that should be taking shots. “Green Light Series” is a method for determining shot selection and Neighbors will show you two drills from this series. “And 1 Shooting” challenges players to complete ever-increasing shooting requirements before time expires. “Beat the Pro” is used to determine whether or not a player has earned a shooting license.

    Plays and Drills

    Coach Neighbors makes his system easy to understand for both players and coaches. The offense uses customizable “families” so that coaches and players can use a variety of action from a number of different alignments. This helps create a vast library of plays. For example, you will learn three options to the “Twirl” series that combine ball screens with additional screening action. “Flash” is another series that can feature a number of options using player reads or calls from the bench. You will also seed a few game-winning plays that are rarely practiced because of the success of the offensive system.

    You will also see two drills that can be used to develop up-tempo offenses. “Quick Strike” uses a unique scoring system and rewards teams for scoring quickly. Another drill teaches players to win three possessions in a row on both sides of the ball. This can teach your team the value of momentum.

    Coach Neighbors’ video is a testament to the success of his Arkansas program and can help any coach that wants to improve their transition offense.

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