(Rental)-Off Ball Screening Man to Man Motion Offense

  • (Rental)-Off Ball Screening Man to Man Motion Offense
  • Off Ball Screening Man to Man Motion Offense by Mike White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Off-Ball Screening Man-to-Man Motion Offense

    Mike White built a winner at Louisiana Tech before coming to Florida where the Gators are one of the SEC elites. White continues his strong tradition of success with his man-to-man offense. In this video, you will see White’s ideas about transition offense and how to go faster. He also shares transition and half-court drills to help you establish a quick-hitting offense.

    Transition Offense & Drills

    Coach White starts by covering the roles of each player in the transition offense. He goes over things like the best area to outlet when starting the break, perimeter players running to corners, and more. White then goes into several drills that teach your team how to play fast and aggressive.

    You will see how to add more difficulty to the three-man weave as well as a couple variations of a transition shooting drill. Full-Court Threes 180 and 140 get the whole team running and working on jump shots, layups, and three-pointers. The Mincy Drill has players score off of different actions within the transition offense and a continuous disadvantage drill helps players learn to read and attack a defense in transition.

    Half-Court Man-to-Man Offense

    White then shifts to his half-court offense where he shares some of his favorite fundamental drills. Passing, pivoting, and shot preparation are all covered in the fundamental drills. Then, Coach White goes into what makes up his 4-out, 1-in man-to-man offense. It starts with a 3-on-0 segment and builds up to 4-on-0 and 5-on-0. Players go through the different screens and cuts before adding five defenders.

    No matter what style of offense you run, there is something in this video for you. As the game moves to a more “position-less” offense, you will find a number of concepts from Coach White that you can incorporate into your program.

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