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  • Oak Hill Man to Man Offense for basketball
  • Oak Hill Man to Man Offense by Stephen Smith Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Oak Hill Man to Man Offense

    The dribble drive offense has become extremely popular at all levels of basketball. Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith is a four-time USA Today National Coach of the Year and nine-time high school national champion. Coach Smith showcases his version of the dribble drive offense in this video.

    Special Play and the Base Dribble Drive Offense

    Coach Smith is known for his creativity in offensive philosophy. He has garnered over 1,000 career wins using a dribble drive offense that gives his players freedom within a set of structured principles. Coach Smith’s presentation begins with a look at a play that has multiple options for different players to get open and make plays.

    The roles and options for each player are discussed in an on-court demonstration. Each action in the Oak Hill Man to Man offense is given a name to help players remember. As a season progresses, calling out the name becomes unnecessary as players learn and develop. Coach Smith’s philosophy emphasizes keeping the offense simple and it allows players to simply play. They learn to make reads and find scoring opportunities.

    In the typical dribble drive offense, there is no screening. Coach Smith does add two options within the base offense that use screens for post-ups and jumpers. You will also watch as Coach Smith details other ball screen options within the offense.

    Dribble Drive Play Series

    When going up a great defense or when your offense just isn’t clicking, Coach Smith can run set plays within the dribble drive. Both the Drag Series and the Elbow Series offer great looks at the basket and opportunities for players to get open and score. Each of these series fit seamlessly into the dribble drive offense.

    Coach Smith also offers up an out of bounds play that has two last-second options. It is just one of the many things that you will gain from this outstanding video from one of the geniuses of the game. Combining the dribble drive with set plays can help any coach boost his team’s scoring this season! Rent this Oak Hill Man to Man Offense DVD today.

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