(Rental)-Multi-entry Ramsey Offense

  • (Rental)-Multi-entry Ramsey Offense
  • Multi-entry Ramsey Offense by Seth Greenberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Half court offensive basketball is presented by Coach Greenberg. His Ramsey Offense includes running clock, guard posting, spacing, back cutting, and spacing. This timeless gem is a result of George Blaney's time at Holy Cross in his early years. It has been a Greenberg favorite over the years. Because of its simplicity and unending scoring possibilities, Greenberg prefers the continuity offense. Greenberg covers all 11 elements of the Ramsey offense half-court attack, including slips, brush block, weak side cutting, and curl cuts. This offense includes a tool to counter pressure defenses. It is based on driving and moving the defense. Greenberg shares the Ramsey movements to disguise the offense. Because of its simplicity, ease-of-use and ball sharing benefits, the Ramsey offense is a great tool for coaches.

    70 minutes. 2008.

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