(Rental)-Movement Efficiency: Progressions For Agility & Plyometrics

  • Agility and Plyometric Workouts with Andrea Hudy DVD
  • Movement Efficiency: Progressions For Agility & Plyometrics by Andrea Hudy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Progressions for Agility and Plyometric Workouts

    Today’s basketball players must have the ability to move both forward and backward as well as laterally. University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance Andrea Hudy has a long career of helping athletes do just that. Hudy is the only female strength and conditioning coach in men’s Division I basketball and has helped strengthen the Jayhawks’ program utilizing linear and lateral progressions.

    In this agility and plyometric workouts video, you will get a close look at how Hudy completes these progressions. You will see how to safely and logically increase workouts to get athletes to improve. All the drills you will see follow an easy and safe progression that are perfect for building into any program.

    Linear Progressions

    The first part of the agility and plyometric workouts video breaks down linear progressions. Players must have the ability to accelerate quickly in games. The workouts introduced here help increase athletes’ abilities to move forward and backward quickly and safely. The ability to start and stop are addressed here and a number of exercises are introduced to increase power.

    Coach Hudy shows a number of drills using the agility ladder and then progresses to agility hurdles. All of the drills are applicable to any sport. Outlined are all of the distances and expectations for each drill. Coach Hudy progresses to her plyometric program as well with athletes learning various jumps to improve power and the ability to accelerate.

    Lateral Progressions

    Coach Hudy uses the agility ladder and hurdles to help improve lateral movement. Athletes must have the ability to move from side to side and do so quickly. Hudy takes you through drills that go from beginner to advanced. Each drill is demonstrated with the progression to help you understand the progression. Again, plyometric boxes and hurdles are utilized in the advanced progression of both lateral and linear movement.


    Finally, athletes are taught to combine the linear and lateral movements in a series of drills that you can use to mimic your sports specific challenges. The ability to beat your opponent from a dead stand still is devastating. You will learn how to improve your athletes’ linear and lateral movement in the is 55-minute video from one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. The drills you will see here can help your program become a dominating force on the court. Rent this agility and plyometric workouts DVD today.

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