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  • Motion Offense vs 2-3 Zone & Shooting Drills by Mike Rhoades Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Motion Offense vs 2-3 Zone & My Favorite Shooting Drills

    If zone defenses continually give you problems, VCU head coach Mike Rhoades can help. The 2019 Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year has had success everywhere he has been using a zone offense that uses motion principles to attack a 2-3 or 3-2 zone defense. In this motion offense vs 2-3 zone video, Coach Rhoades offers up an assortment of actions and quick hitters as well as seven shooting drills to help take down any zone defense.

    Zone Offense

    Coach Rhoades’ system of motion offense vs 2-3 zone allows for various off-ball and on-ball screens that can create advantages for perimeter players. The same actions can be run from different alignments to create illusion for the zone defense. “Gap Motion” and “Rover” are variations that help the offense adapt to different types of zones and confuse opponents with some extra wrinkles.

    The motion offense can be tailored to fit your personnel. It is completely adaptable to your players’ skill sets and you can choose which concepts to work on rather than be committed to a set structure. Coach Rhoades teaches post players how to play off of each other by moving and spacing with the “X” concept. Posts can run a 2-man motion that will help players read the floor and find openings in the defense. Rhoades also introduces concepts for guards to attack the paint.

    Zone Quick Hitters

    From a fast break, Coach Rhoades shows you how to flow right into the zone offense. He also demonstrates three quick-hitters that can be used to free up a shooter, run into a ball screen, or open up the high post. Rhoades also shows you four set plays against a 2-3 zone that he has used with great success. “Blazer” is one that pulls defender out of position to free up a shooter. “Knife” is another that gets cutters into the paint.

    Shooting Drills

    All offenses can benefit from improved shooting. Teams playing against zone defenses must be able to knock down open shots when they have them. Coach Rhoades shares seven shooting drills that are staples in his program. Some of what you will see includes:

    • Two Men-One Ball: players get quick reps through multiple variations as a warm up
    • Three Men-Two Balls: players again get quick reps working various shots to warm up
    • Shooting Lines: players work four different ways to create a shot and compete for records
    • Fatigue Drill: assesses players shooting ability to measure whether players have the “green light” in game situations

    Coach Rhoades wraps up his presentation with the ultimate drill for working your team’s drive and kick game. The “5-on-0 Hot” Drill teaches players to attack the paint, space the floor, and play off each other while working on their shooting.

    If you need to upgrade your zone offense attack, Coach Rhoades has what you are looking for in this video. This is one of the best presentations for zone offense that you will find. Rent this motion offense vs 2-3 zone DVD today.

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