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  • Morphing 1-3-1 to 3-2 Zone Defense by Jeff Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Morphing 1-3-1 Zone Defense to 3-2 Zone Defense

    Old Dominion University head coach Jeff Jones used his “13” defense to help his Monarchs win the 2019 Conference USA regular season and conference tournament championships. What has really worked for ODU is the morphing of the 1-3-1 into a 3-2 that keeps offenses off balance. In this video, Coach Jones details exactly how he implements the 1-3-1 to 3-2 defense.

    13 Defense

    Jones starts by setting up the personnel for the 1-3-1 defense and then gets right into the details. As soon as the ball crosses the half-court line, the point player must not allow any direct line passes. The middle player must prevent any dribble penetration and the wings play defense outside-in. The idea is to allow no direct passes at all and prevent any reversals. The man underneath gets to the ball-side block when the ball crosses half-court and the opposite wing looks to prevent any diagonal lob passes.

    Morphing into the 3-2 Zone

    Coach Jones’ 13 Defense morphs into the 3-2 when the ball goes to the corner. Jones explains the positioning of each player and their responsibility once this happens. The defense looks as though it is a 2-3, but it really a 3-2.

    Coach Jones also reviews how to defend the pick and roll against the zone, as well as what to do when the ball gets into the high post. You will also see adjustments such as what to do when a big man lacks mobility and what to do when a wing dribble into the corner.

    Breakdown Drills for the 3-2 Zone

    To teach the 3-2 zone defense, Jones uses drills to break down the top three players and the bottom two. One drill for the bottom two involves using four offensive players along the baseline, one in each corner and one in each short corner. The two bottom defenders learn to move as the ball moves.

    For the top three players, Coach Jones uses a drill that puts an offensive player in the high post, and one in each corner. Defenders learn to move on the pass and cover their area of responsibility. How to defend the pick and roll is also discussed here.

    The idea of changing from a 1-3-1 Zone Defense into a 3-2 is one that not many teams do on a consistent basis. If you are searching for something different, a unique look to slow down offenses, Coach Jones’ 13 Defense is one to consider. Rent this 1-3-1 zone defense DVD today.

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