(Rental)-Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Offensive Skill Development

  • Offensive Skill Development by Mike Krzyzewski DVD
  • Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Offensive Skill Development by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Offensive Skill Development

    Take a courtside seat at the famous Cameron Indoor Stadium and learn to develop the skills of your post and perimeter players from some of the best in the college game. This offensive skill development video features Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and two of his former players who also became his assistant coaches – Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski. The drills presented in the video are the same drills that helped develop the likes of Grant Hill, Christian Laettner, Jabari Parker, and Kyrie Irving to name just a few.

    Developing “ball friendly” players is critical in today’s game and Krzyzewski is one of the best. Players practice more than 10 different passing and ball handling drills, including the Box Ball Handling Drill demonstrated by Wojciechowski, the head coach at Marquette. The drill simulates the various actions and movements that a point guard must make in running an offense effectively. Players will improve their vision while handling the ball, learn to create space, and learn to run an offense in the face of tough on-ball pressure.

    Offensive Skill Development Organization

    You will see how the coaches organize skill development into pre- and post-practice segments for post and perimeter players during the season. Coach Collins, now the head coach at Northwestern, takes perimeter players though drills that help them see the floor and make proper reads. The 2-on-2 Penetrate and Kick Drill trains players to space off different angles and dribble penetration to get free for open shots. Coach Wojciechowski takes the post players through a series of drills designed to provide snapshots of what they will see in games. Post players run through 13 scoring moves they will make in transition and in the half-court offense in pinch post actions and ball screens.

    The coaches even present some defense in the offensive skill development video. The 6-Point Contesting Drill is one of the favorites as it trains players for the different defensive scenarios they will face during the course of a possession. The coaches change up the drill adding variations that are specific to either perimeter or post players. Defenders work on such skills as denial, weak side help, defending the low post, and more.

    This 117-minute video shows you exactly how Duke has taken so many players to the next level. Reconsider how you develop your players’ skills in practice as you watch how one of the best programs of all-time does it. Rent this offensive skill development DVD today.

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