(Rental)-Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity & Effort

  • (Rental)-Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity & Effort
  • Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity & Effort by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Maximize Every Minute of Basketball Practice: Drills to Build Intensity and Effort

    ESPN basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla has spent a lifetime studying the game of basketball. The former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico shares some of his expertise in this video where he shares 11 practice drills that will improve the performance of any team regardless of their style of play.

    Basketball Practice Defensive Drills

    Coach Fraschilla starts by sharing six different defensive drills that will heighten your players’ intensity and help them learn to communicate better. In addition, Fraschilla uses the overload principle which makes these drills even more challenging. Playing on game day is a breeze compared to practice.

    The defensive drills include the following:

    • Change Drill: Helps with communication as signals are used to scramble defenders as the offense has a temporary advantage
    • 4-on-4 No Hands Drill: Defenders must use their feet to beat cutting defenders and are forced to adjust their positioning all without the use of their hands
    • 4-on-3 Contest Drill: Players must communicate and hustle to contest a shot while also serving as a great ball movement drill for the offense
    • Hustle Drill: Fraschilla likes to end practice with this one which teaches players to have a tough mindset as they battle for loose balls
    • 4-on-4 Screen Down Drill: Players learn to recognize and execute proper switches on defense
    • Shell Drill: Fraschilla shows you how to improve this classic drill motivating players to fly around on defense

    Basketball Practice Offensive Drills

    Fraschilla does the same with five different offensive drills forcing players to compete and play with great intensity. The offensive drills include:

    • Post Trap Drill: Prepares big men to use the pullback dribble and handle pressure while working around the rim
    • Five Plus One Drill: Players learn to handle full-court pressure and attack a defense while in an advantage position
    • 4-on-2 Plus 2 Drill: Players learn to execute an efficient outlet pass to start a fast break and then score in an advantage situation
    • Lay It Out Front Drill: Another fast break drill that improves technique on the outlet pass
    • Three Spots to Seven Drill: A high volume shooting drill where players compete to make the most jump shots

    These drills from Coach Fraschilla can benefit any program and would be valuable additions to any team’s practices. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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