(Rental)-Matthew McCall: My Favorite Pick & Roll Drills

  • (Rental)-Matthew McCall: My Favorite Pick & Roll Drills
  • Matthew McCall: My Favorite Pick & Roll Drills by Matthew McCall Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    To have success in today’s modern basketball, you have to understand the pick and roll. If there is one thing UMass head coach Matthew McCall knows, it’s the pick and roll. After spending ten years working with Billy Donovan at Florida, McCall understands the ins and outs of the spread pick and roll. In this video, he shares the basics of the offense and how to use it in transition and flow right into your half-court offense.


    First, Coach McCall shares what makes a good spread pick and roll offense. Post players that can shoot from outside and have the ability to pass is a great place to start. This pulls defenders away from the rim. Another element is having guards that can read screens and that can deliver great passes.

    Transition and Game Situations

    A strong transition game is important in running the spread pick and roll. McCall wants his players to push the ball down the floor and get the ball to the paint. He then goes into the two basic actions his team uses to flow from transition into the spread pick and roll.

    The first is 5 Drag where the 5-man trails instead of the 4. They go right into a drag screen and force defenders to go over top of the screen. In Double to Special, both post players trail. This allows the offense to use a double drag screen and open the paint for a roller.

    Half-Court Offense

    There are numerous options in the spread pick and roll. The two that McCall highlights in this video are Special and Lift. Special is where post players get to the lane line extended and look to create a screen opportunity. Lift gives multiple scoring opportunities especially if you have a 4 that can shoot and a 5 that is a strong pick and roll player.

    If you have been searching for more about the spread pick and roll, this video from Coach McCall is a must-have. From philosophy to various actions, Coach McCall shows you how to run the spread pick and roll effectively.

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