(Rental)-Matthew McCall: My Favorite Offensive Basketball Drills

  • (Rental)-Matthew McCall: My Favorite Offensive Basketball Drills
  • Matthew McCall: My Favorite Basketball Drills by Matthew McCall Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    UMass head coach Matthew McCall has had plenty of success everywhere he has been. From his early days of winning national championships as an assistant at Florida to winning Southern Conference titles as the head coach at Tennessee-Chattanooga and now as the leader of the UMass program, McCall has always been able to develop players’ offensive skills. In this video, he offers his favorites for getting the most out of your players in the offseason.

    Cone Drills

    The presentation starts with different cone drills that help build individual offensive skills. Coach McCall provides on-court demonstrations of drills that teach attacking the basket in the middle of the floor as well as those that focus on different finishes at the rim. Using a pad or a defender, players are taught how to hold off a defender and give players an idea of what to expect in game situations.

    Three Clean Stops

    Three Clean Stops is a defensive drill where the defense must get three clean stops before they can get off the floor. The drill forces defensive players to communicate and to be in the proper position in relation to the ball, including on the help side.

    The drill is competitive and forces players to guard the ball, be in great position at all times, and finish the possession with a box out or by creating a turnover.

    Find a Home

    When defenses force the ball out of your point guard’s hands with traps or presses, what do you do? The Find a Home drill helps with this. The ball starts in different areas of the floor with the goal to get into your offensive set from a variety of scenarios. Your team becomes more experienced with getting into the offense from unconventional situations.

    This is a great video by Coach McCall providing a number of practice drills that help to prepare teams in the offseason on both sides of the ball.

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