(Rental)-Mastering The Princeton 1--3--1 Match--up Zone

  • (Rental)-Mastering The Princeton 1--3--1 Match--up Zone
  • Mastering The Princeton 1--3--1 Match--up Zone by Craig Robinson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Craig Robinson: Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Matchup Zone

    Former Brown and Oregon State University head coach Craig Robinson understands that defense and discipline win basketball games. As a two-time Ivy League Player of the Year at Princeton for legendary coach Pete Carril, Robinson learned the foundation for what would become his disruptive 1-3-1 zone defense. He shares his philosophy and ideas on the defense in this video.

    Robinson first explains his defensive philosophy and how coaches can develop their own around any defense they choose. For Robinson, his defense of choice just happened to be the 1-3-1 zone. Coach Robinson reveals his multi-dimensional zone defense and how it makes it difficult for the offense to get the ball into the post. Good zone offenses like to work the ball into the post and they falter when that is taken away.

    Coach Robinson teaches the five defensive positions in his 1-3-1 as well as the fundamental rotations of the defense. You’ll see how to prevent side-to-side passing, prevent easy catches in the middle, and learn how to get more defensive rebounds. Throughout his entire presentation, Coach Robinson answers several common questions about the defense. These include:

    • How do you defend various drives?
    • How do you cover the corners and the post?
    • What do you do when the offense screens the baseline runner?
    • How do you defend the overload?

    Robinson also demonstrates how you can take the 1-3-1 and extend it into a three-quarter court press. It’s a trapping press that utilizes a delayed trap and uses elements of surprise to create turnovers. Coach Robinson also shows you how to trap in the half-court defense. The presentation concludes with wing coverage, post denial breakdown drills, and the 4-on-4 Shell/Boxout game.

    If you have been searching for a defense that is versatile yet easy to implement, Coach Robinson’s DVD is for you!

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