(Rental)-Mastering The Open Post Motion Offense

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    Mastering the Open Post Motion Offense

    Former Wittenberg University assistant basketball coach Chris Endres offers coaches a look at how to defeat any defense with just one offense – the Open Post Motion Offense. Endres gives you everything you need to install the Open Post Motion offense, one that can be used against man, zone, or any combination defense you face all season.

    Coach Endres begins with the philosophy of spacing and progresses to how to use screens to and away from the ball, cutting to the basket, lane cuts, and post play. Endres teaches you the principles and concepts of the offense and then takes you to the court to demonstrate.

    You will find the Open Post Motion offense to be one that attacks the defense, no matter what it may be. Coaches are taught a variety of screens and cutting actions with the offense. Coach Endres goes over the down screen, the back screen, the cross screen, violent cuts, the shuffle screen, and combination screening.

    Also included are various options for the cutter and the screener after the screen has been set. Adding these options opens up a whole new world within the Open Post Motion offense.

    Using what Coach Endres teaches and demonstrates for you, you will be able to create an offense that is unstoppable against any defense. You can run the offense against man, any zone defense, or any combination defense such as a box-and-one. The beauty of it all is that the Open Post Motion offense can be taught at any level of basketball. Use it at the high school varsity level all the way down to youth levels of competition. That can help create continuity within a program.

    The freedom offered within this offense will allow any coach to continually put pressure on any defense. The offense becomes unstoppable and impossible to scout. Add this attack to your program today! Rent this open post motion offense DVD today.

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