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    • Bob Knight, a legendary coach and author of the motion offense, shares everything you need to learn about it.
    • You will be unable to guard your motion offense if you don't use sophisticated screening and reading techniques.
    • With one offense, consistently beat zone, pressure and man-to-man defenses
    • This 2-DVD set includes over 2 hours worth of instruction and game footage.

    Bob Knight, a legendary coach and basketball player, will take you on the court to teach you everything you need about motion offense. Coach Knight's two-disc set covers screening angles, fundamental spacing, screen reading, rescreening, and more. Two full games are included so that you can see the offense at work. Knight's unique approach to conversion basketball focuses on how to convert your team from defense into offense. Knight will show you how to use a variety screen types, including the down screen (back screen), the flare screen (cross screen) and the T screen. Knight also explains the options that the cutter and screener have for the screen. Knight demonstrates how to prepare your players to deal with fatigue and stress through shooting and passing segments. Knight not only demonstrates how to beat man-to-man defense, but also discusses strategies for beating zone. Knight demonstrates how important it is to dribble against the zone, with an emphasis on creating overload situations and penetrating the gaps. You will be able to design an offense that can compete against pressure, zone, or man defenses with in-depth teaching and demonstration. This style of play is free-flowing and uses the same techniques (spacing/reading, penetration, ball fakes, etc.) to place pressure on any defense. Bob Knight's proven teaching methods can create an offense that is difficult to stop and scout.

    Main feature: 127 minutes. Bonus material: 114 min (2 DVDs). 2009.

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