(Rental)-Keys to Becoming a Great Basketball Coach

  • (Rental)-Keys to Becoming a Great Basketball Coach
  • Keys to Becoming a Great Basketball Coach by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Get the invaluable coaching advice Tom Izzo has accumulated over his Hall of Fame career.

    • Learn how to build relationships and trust with your players. This is key to maintaining a coaching career.
    • Your program's culture should be flexible enough to adapt to changing coaching situations
    • To get parents and players to support your program, you must learn to listen and to learn.

    Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Nobody cares what you know until you know how much." Coaching is about building and maintaining relationships with players in order to help them achieve their goals.

    This video gives insight from legendary Michigan State coach Tom Izzo on how he became one of America's most successful coaches. Izzo shares over an hour of key concepts and tips that helped him throughout his career, so you can apply them to your coaching journey.

    Relationship Building

    Izzo stresses the importance of building relationships with your players. It is more important to build relationships than drills and game plans as a coach. Coach Izzo discusses:

    • Building trust, honesty and listening relationships with your players is crucial.
    • Based on the relationships he has formed, it is easy for him to be demanding and hard on his players.
    • Integration of parents and children into culture is important.
    • How to build chemistry at every level of basketball.

    You as the Coach

    Izzo then explains how knowing who you are will help you reach your goals as a coach. Coach Izzo explains why coaches need to explain the "why" behind their actions to players. He also explains the importance to devote time to the fundamentals of practices and make sure your goals match those of your players. Finally, he explains how authenticity is important to you.

    This rich presentation by Coach Izzo includes many firsthand accounts about how he builds relationships and manages difficult situations in his program, keeps his culture intact, and creates leaders within his program. This video will provide you with the tools you need to build strong relationships between coach and athlete, programs that last generations.

    60 minutes. 2021.

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