(Rental)-How To Win With Undersized Players

  • (Rental)-How To Win With Undersized Players
  • How To Win With Undersized Players by Kevin Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Kevin Boyle: How to Win with Undersized Players

    Kevin Boyle has made a name for himself as the head coach at Monteverde Academy in Florida. His teams have won five high school national championships, including the 2020 title. From 2011 to 2015, Boyle coached five players that were drafted in the top-3 of the NBA draft. In this video, Coach Boyle shows you how you can win with undersized players. He will show you how to compete against bigger, more athletic teams and how you can use a lack of size as a weapon on defense.

    Motion Offense with Undersized Players

    On the offensive end, Coach Boyle shows you how to spread the court high and wide against more athletic opponents and run the motion offense. He shows you four basic rules for the 4-out-1-in motion offense and will demonstrate each rule on the court.

    To help install the motion offense, Coach Boyle shows you seven different drills. You’ll see drills that teach the drive and kick, a backdoor series, and drills that work on the various looks that players see when they come off of screens.

    Princeton Set with Undersized Players

    Coach Boyle shows you how to beat pressure defenses using the 2-3 Princeton set. With proper execution of screens and backdoor cuts, you can beat any opponent. The Princeton set can help your team beat pressure and produce easy baskets in the half-court offense.

    Once again, Coach Boyle offers you seven drills to work on beating pressure. The drills work on back screens, down screens, and dribble hand offs so that your players will be in better position to take open shots all over the floor.

    Defensive Drills

    For Boyle, the defensive end is really where you can use a lack of size to your advantage. Boyles shows you six different defensive drills that include working on full-court pressure, recovering from being beaten in transition, and how to handle special situations against elite players.

    If you have a program that lacks superior size and/or athleticism, Coach Boyle’s ideas are perfect for you. Use this DVD to compete with the big boys on your schedule. Rent this Undersized Players DVD today.

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