(Rental)-Keith Dambrot: Zone Offense And Quick Hitters

  • (Rental)-Keith Dambrot: Zone Offense And Quick Hitters
  • Keith Dambrot: Zone Offense And Quick Hitters by Keith Dambrot Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • To get the defense out, use misdirection
    • Improve your movement against the zone
    • You can use the strengths of your team and create quick hitters that you can use against any zone defense

    Keith Dambrot explains his strategy for attacking zone defenses. He talks about the challenges you face when playing against zone defenses, as well as his strategies for creating zone offense quick hitters in Akron.

    His philosophy is to throw the ball in the high post, make the ball more man-tom, less finesse, and use misdirection in plays using ball screen plays. He also believes that you can flow into your zone offense from the fastbreak.

    He will demonstrate two methods to flow into your zone offense from the fastbreak using simple continuity or ball screen action. Coach Dambrot shares over 10 quick hitters he uses to attack the 2-3, 1-2-2, 1-1-3, and 1-3-1 zones. These plays can also be used from the frontside of the back and include counters as well as variations. Dambrot also provides a few plays that can be used against zone defenses and man, which are great for situations at the end of the game, as well an out-ofbounds baseline play.

    These are simple, quick, and easy to remember. Dambrot stresses the importance of adjusting your zone offense to your personnel's abilities. Dambrot also designed his quick hitters so that they can adjust their action depending on the opponent's coverage of certain offensive actions.

    He wraps up discussing out-of-bounds play end line and then shows you a few of his favorite plays to give your team a great shot.

    68 minutes. 2010.

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