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  • John Calipari's 2013-14 Basketball Coaches Clinic by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 1

    The first DVD of this John Caliapri Basketball Clinic is all about several drills and a mixture of philosophy as well. There will be several things you will be learning like the coach’s Calipari’s approach to practice, building his team, implementing his defense and also the his philosophy of using ball screens. The coach will also make you understand advantages of using an individual approach to players in order to develop a positive and successful environment.

    When it comes to moving to the court the players will get in touch with the practice mainly focused on the defensive side. The breakdown drills will be used for this purpose that will help to build the on-ball defense, close outs, and help defense. Furthermore, the players will also learn the art of defending new offensive actions like the pin downs, back screens and dribble hand-offs. Just before the practice rebounding drills will be emphasized as well. You will also go through the Coach Calipar’s version of Shell Drill that will make you understand correct positioning.

    John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 2

    When it comes to the second disc of the program, the coach will focus on some question and answering session. You will be able to ask question about your last day practices and will be able to have a discussion with the coach to make improvements.

    There will be a detailed analysis of the transition entries and the ball screens and the session 2 is all about working on the offensive side of the players. The ball screen and transition entries have been added in the traditional Dribble Drive offense by Kentucky as well. From shooting drills to position-specific drills to various competitive scrimmages from 2-on-1 up to 5-on-5 you will go through all these when you will practice in the session 2.

    The Kentucky''s signature Dribble Drive Offense is very important and it has been covered heavily in this second practice session by the coach. You will get a great look at the Kentucky offense and for that purpose you will be using the 5-on-0 drill. On the other hand, you will also be getting key knowledge from the coach Calipari that will help to improve the game of the players. Now when it comes to the 3-on-3 drill, the players will be improving their anticipating skills and will try to read the opponent players. After this drill the players will realize how the coach Calipari has evolved the basic concepts into bigger and stronger potent offense. The team will also be working on the Drag and Fist and this is mainly pick-and-roll plays which involve both the 4-men and 5-men screening in basketball. The disc 2 practice will come to an end with some vital skill drills that will help train the guards to shoot or penetrate and train posts for rebounding and finish in the paint.

    John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 3

    For the final session of the program the coach Calipari will try to put everything together. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense will be broken down in detail and the Assistant coach John Robic along with the assistance of other members on the staff will explain each and everything related to this offense so that players get the maximum output out of it as it is very important. This Motion Offense has guided the Kentucky Wildcats to three Final Four appearances in the past four years (2011-14). Everything will be explained in a step by step guide as the Dribble Drive Motion Offense is very important and it plays a key role in the overall performance of the team. The coach will make the players go through spacing and basic offensive player movements. The coach will also shed some light on different entries that can be used to setup the initial attack. Rent this John Calipari Basketball Clinic DVD Set today.

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