(Rental)-John Calipari: Point Guard Drills For The Dribble Drive Offense (calipari)

  • (Rental)-John Calipari: Point Guard Drills For The Dribble Drive Offense (calipari)
  • John Calipari: Point Guard Drills For The Dribble Drive Offense (calipari) by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • To freeze any defender, learn ball handling drills
    • Increase your team's shooting percentage and consistency with your guards
    • John Calipari is the 2009 SI National Coach-of-the Year. Get his coaching tips and insights.
    • These drills were used by Derrick Rose, 2009 NBA Rookie-of-the Year, while playing under Calipari.

    John Calipari's video course will teach you the drills, shots, and actions that are necessary to train your point guards for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Calipari's 45-minute point guard training session is shown in a real practice environment. You will find drills to improve your ball speed, shooting, footwork, and decision making skills.

    Calipari intensifies the workout by using purpose-driven warm-up drills. Each drill involves a ball, and each one develops ball quickness as well as handles. These drills will require your guards to move the ball on the dribble and protect it from thefts, deflections, and blowing by other defenders.

    Calipari cuts the rest of the exercise into three parts, bringing us to the core of the work-out.

    • Layups -Calipari offers a series of lay-up drills. They include speed, ball handling, and footwork. Each drill focuses on getting guards past their opponents and ending with contact.
    • Shooting Ð These one-ball shooting drills force your guards make quick decisions based upon what defense is giving them. Calipari uses lay-ups and hesitation pull up jumpers as well as 3-pointers from behind doors, the corners, top of key shots, and kickbacks. Keep your guards on the ground to score whenever you have the chance.
    • Pick and Roll - In this segment, Calipari concentrates on a hesitation move that reads the big to gain the separation necessary to drive around or divide defenders.

    Calipari then has his guards do a continuous 1-on-1 drill on full court that leads to a 2-on-2 drill in which players must score on the fastbreak and guard the dribble.

    This skill workout will teach players how to shoot with both hands, handle the ball with both hands, and improve their speed. It will also provide coaching cues for your players and help you develop them. This workout can be incorporated into your current program!

    52 minutes. 2009.

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