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    John Beilein’s Basketball Shooting Drills & Player Development

    Five years ago while coaching at Michigan, John Beilein allowed several of his practices to be filmed with just one promise. None of the footage would be released until he retired from coaching. With Beilein’s jump to the NBA, he has agreed to allow this footage to be released.

    Coach Beilein has developed some of the best shooters in the game. In this video, he shows you his shooting secrets and the system he used to take good shooters and make them great ones.

    Perfecting Shooting Form

    Coach Beilein teaches the shooting technique he has taught countless players through the years. He demonstrates two different shooting steps – Pogo Stick and Split Step – which help players develop balance within their footwork. Coach Beilein then shows players how to “Read the Map” with their hands. They catch the basketball, square up to the rim, and work the hand, wrist, and follow through for a perfect upper body shooting motion.

    Basketball Shooting Drills & Skill Work

    For Coach Beilein, understanding footwork and the upper body is crucial in going through shooting drills. Players are challenged in each drill to meet a certain number of shots to develop consistency. Players work on simple form shooting as well as shooting on the move from different spots on the floor. Defenders are added to run at and pressure shots.

    Coach Beilein doesn’t just develop good shooters. He molds his athletes into complete basketball players and does so with additional skill-oriented drills. Coach Beilein has developed a numbering system that determines if a player is a master at their position. Players strive to reach those numbers and play at a high level.

    Coach Beilein is one of the best teachers and tacticians in the game today. He has developed some of college basketball’s best shooters and using his shooting and skill development series, you can do the same with your players. Rent this basketball shooting drills DVD today.

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