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    John Beilein Culture and Drills

    Learn how to run a successful basketball program from one of the best in the business. John Beilein has coached at every level from high school to junior college to four-year colleges and now the NBA. The underlying factors of his success are simple – culture and drill work. This John Beilein Culture video provide you with an inside look at how Coach Beilein has built winners everywhere he has been.

    Change as a Constant

    Throughout a career that has seen Beilein win three different conference Coach of the Year awards (MAAC, CAA, and Big Ten), Coach Beilein has had to adapt and change as the game has changed. One of those changes is the emphasis of the pick and roll in today’s game. More of the practice focus must be centered on the pick and roll offense as well as how to defend it.

    Another change is in the area of strength training. Twenty years ago, players were not involved in the type of offseason training they are now. With the right strength program, players improve their strength, agility, and athleticism.

    One of the big changes Coach Beilein made in his defensive philosophy was the use of the zone defense. When he moved from one conference to another, it forced him to take a look at how he was defending opponents and what defenses would give his teams the ability to be competitive. Learn John Beilein Culture.

    Things That Don’t Change

    In building a championship program, some things never change. One is skill development. Players must be able to handle the basketball and shoot it. Those things will never change and Beilein emphasizes drills that improve both skills. You’ll see a two-player drill designed to improve ball handling and one-handed passing.

    The Double Mikan Drill is also demonstrated. Players do the traditional Mikan Drill but with two basketballs and shoot for making 20 layups in 20 seconds or less. Another drill is the 3 Taps and In where post players tap the ball off the backboard three times before tapping it in the basket.

    The final drill you will see is 60 in 5, a shooting drill where players attempt to shoot 85 shots in five minutes with a goal of making 60. Shooters move around the perimeter and never shoot from the same spot twice in a row.

    This is an excellent video that shows you how building a culture and focusing on the things that never change can help transform your program. Rent the John Beilen Culture DVD today.

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