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  • Jackie Stiles Ball Handling Drills by Jackie Stiles Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Ball Handling Drills with Jackie Stiles

    This Ball Handling Drills DVD offers an inside look into how Jackie Stiles' developed into a record setting high school player and accomplished, award winning college athlete. Stiles built the foundation of her game around her development with handling the ball and she credits much of her success with her ball handling ability.

    This ball handling drills DVD has a very natural flow to the workout and is broken into three main sections.

    Ball Handling Stationary Drills

    Stiles begins the workout with a series of 10 stationary ball handling and dribble moves. The moves, if perfected, are incredibly efficient at developing your hand eye coordination and feel with both hands. Some of the moves Stiles teachers are crossover, double bounce, three dribbles through the legs, half cross, V series, around the world, and the figure eight series.

    Dribbling Drills on the Move

    After warming up Stiles takes your skills on the move. She demonstrates the most important skill in the open court: the speed dribble. She shows how players should throw the ball out in front of them, a skill that is incredibly underutilized by most players, to take advantage of the open court.

    Dribbling Drills vs Defense

    Stiles then takes it into a more half-court setting by demonstrating 26 drills that can be used to breakdown your defender. She also shoes natural combination drills that give you an incredible array of moves and counter moves.

    If you want to be a better player and scorer these drills are the foundation. Rent this ball handling drills DVD today.

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