(Rental)-International Man To Man Defense

  • (Rental)-International Man To Man Defense
  • International Man To Man Defense by Marcelo Signorelli Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

    Defense played in international basketball differs from that played in the U.S. Marcelo Signorelli, head coach of Club Hebracia in Uruguay, teaches the subtle differences between FIBA and American styles of man-to-man defense in this video. Using on-court demonstrations, Signorelli shows you how his teams put tremendous pressure on the ball in the half-court.

    Coach Signorelli, a three-time Uruguayan Coach of the Year and two-time national champion, begins with 1-on-1 defense and builds progressively until concepts are mastered at the 5-on-5 level. He teaches denial and help positioning based on the number of passes away a defender from the ball. In each session, Signorelli explains how defensive spacing determines how players help and recover when penetration occurs.

    Using 3-on-3 situations, Coach Signorelli walks through 10 drills that focus on stopping penetration with proper on-ball defense and help. He also shares how FIBA teaches concepts like defending the dribble, off-ball defense, low post defense, and weak side defense. Players learn to take action on defense instead of always reacting to what your opponent is doing.

    After the 3-on-3 segment, players are put through similar actions in 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 situations. Here, Signorelli addresses post play as well as some of the more challenging offensive sets. In each situation, the basics taught in the 3-on-3 segment apply.

    Signorelli shows you his man-to-man defense against different offensive actions like the Flex Cut and Diamond Set. He also reviews three different ways to defend the ball screen. This video is an excellent and detailed look at how international man-to-man defense is taught and executed in the half-court.

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