(Rental)-Innovative Late Game Sets

  • (Rental)-Innovative Late Game Sets
  • Innovative Late Game Sets by Jason Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • You can improve your understanding of how to place players in the best possible situations that match their talent.
    • You can learn 16 different options with one set of play!
    • Your team can reach new heights!
    • To be the best, learn from the best.

    Your team can win more games if they match their individual talents with a particular style of play. This video features Coach Wright, an innovator in the game. The key to winning a game is decision making, playmaking and confidence. Wright illustrates all three key points by breaking down the 4-out 1-in play. Wright discusses 16 options for a spread offensive that can be used in any situation. Wright shows you how to combine 12 offensive weapons from dribble drives at three different spots on the floor. Wright shows how Wright's special plays, such as the clear play use athletes' individual talents at specific spots on the floor. This play can be used to attack zone, junk and man-to-man defenses. The play also features a clock side out of bounds play that flows seamlessly into it. Condensing multiple plays into one uniform set will be a benefit for coaches. This play can make a difference in turning late-game losses into huge wins.

    91 minutes. 2008.

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