(Rental)-Innovative Ball Handling Drills For Building Explosive Guards

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    Ball Handling Drills Video

    Follow coach Charles Glotta as he demonstrates an amazing set of drills that save you time by improving your basketball skills and performance skills. Glotta uses unique methods that use a variety of materials to complete drills that players have most likely never done before. This gives players an extra boost of motivation and work ethic that ensures maximum improvement.

    Core and Warm-up

    Coach Glotta begins the workout with a warm up that uses PVC pipe. Players are put through a series of two ball dribbling and passing drills while standing on the PVC pipes. This will work on a players core, balance, strength, and concentration. Players must focus on doing the fundamental drills perfectly and simply in order to stay on balance. It is a fun and energetic way to start the workout while also working on crucial skills.

    Agility and Ball Handling Drills

    Ball handling and foot speed are two crucial parts of a good basketball player and Coach Glotta shows you how to work on both in this next series. He uses a speed ladder to put players through a series of footwork agility drills while also two-ball dribbling. The areas for improvement here are endless and, if done over a long period of time, you will be amazed to see how far a player can go in their speed and ball handling with these drills.

    Game-Like Ball Handling Drills

    Coach Glotta uses a series of drills to work on more basketball specific game moves. He uses two-ball dribbling moves to work on attacking, retreating, and lateral movement. He then uses chairs to work on one-ball dribble attack moves. While these drills seem simple, compared to the warm up and agility work, they work on a vital part of the players game while having just enough variety to keep players hooked.

    Bonus Features

    Coach Glotta shows you how to set up all the drills he shows in stations. This is so important for coaches who are trying to work on player development with the entire team in a short amount of time. The stations can be completed in about 15 minutes so it fits perfectly into almost any practice plan. He also show you a competitive three-point shooting drill that he uses with all his teams to determine which players get the "green light."

    You will be amazed at how efficiently this workout improves your players ball handling skills along with their quickness, balance, and core strength. It is perfect for the off-season when workouts can get mundane.

    Add these ball handling drills into your mix by renting this DVD today.

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