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  • (Rental)-Individual Drills & Team Drills
  • Individual Drills & Team Drills by Kevin McGeehan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: Individual Drills & Team Drills

    Campbell University head coach Kevin McGeehan opens up his gym for an open practice presentation that gives watchers a look at a comprehensive, goal-oriented practice. Coach McGeehan shares his insights on goal setting and the reasoning behind it. You will see a practice from warmup to its conclusion with an emphasis on fundamentals, attention to detail, and team communication. As you will see, the practice is just part of the bigger picture.


    Practice begins with a warmup, which Coach McGeehan sees as critical. He believes that you can maximize this session of practice by implementing skill work. The “warmup” period consists of a session of skill work followed by a team warmup that also includes skill work.

    All of the drills used in practice serve a purpose and play a role in the ultimate goal. Shooting drills are not just shooting drills; they are breakdowns of the offensive strategy. The same is true of defensive drills which complement the program’s overall defensive strategy. Coach McGeehan also introduces you to how he uses advanced statistics to improve the overall quality of his team.

    Spread Motion Offense

    Coach McGeehan then gets into his spread motion offense, which begins with 5-on-0 work where the emphasis is on execution, timing, and spacing. The drills move into 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 and become more competitive. The “Pirate Drill” is an outstanding 5-on-5 drill that forces your players to transition into defense quickly. In another segment, Coach McGeehan show you Campbell’s matchup zone defense against a 1-4 setup. You will learn how the defense rotates and switches.

    Advanced Statistics

    The final segment of the video is all about how McGeehan and his staff use advanced statistics in practice. You will see what the staff tracks, why they do it, and how they use it to motivate players. By analyzing players practice performance on a daily basis, coaches and players can gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

    This is a fantastic presentation from an up-and-coming coach on the use of “add-ons” to improve practice drills in an effort to take a program to the next level.

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