(Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Individual Defense Drills (fraschilla)

  • (Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Individual Defense Drills (fraschilla)
  • Aau Boys Basketball Series: Individual Defense Drills (fraschilla) by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    In this video, you will learn how to build the defense of your team from the ground up and make them a team to be feared by the opposition. Place great emphasis on the four important aspects of a team's defense to enable your basketball players to compete at the highest level and create a defense that is impenetrable and near perfect. Improve your team's side defense, learn how to rebound to finish a possession, and train your basketball players to effectively defend against cutters. This way, your players will be able to dominate the paint defensively and create a defensive wall difficult to penetrate.

    Let go of your soft defense and adopt a defensive play that your players will love and that help them to play even against a more athletic team. Teach your basketball players by means of a series of drills that are progressive, logical, and habitual in nature to help your players build proper footwork, technique, and defensive fundamentals.

    Use drills like the 1v1, 2v2, and the 4v4 to help build the defense by heaping on-ball-pressure on your opponents. By using these drill progressions (i.e. drills that stack on each other), you are able to teach your players a variety of techniques and skills by teaching one concept before the next, making the drills simple and easy for your basketball players to understand. Train your basketball players on the court by four sets of build-up drills starting with the defensive stance to the 5-on-5 man defense. The drills will help your players develop foot faking, on-ball defense, help-side positioning, slides, closeouts, footwork, defensive positioning, and many more.

    Your team can be at a disadvantage offensively when in transition, and when defending in the full court. By means of the transition defense series, you can use two great drills to defend the break and conversion from offense to defense. Stimulate 5-on-5 half-court defense and use the shell drill to create a defense by means of a variety of offensive attacks. The shell drill will teach your players skills such as denying the cutter, help defense, rebounding, communication, and protecting the rim.

    Use these tactics and techniques to create a team that plays the game well and adopts a defensive style that shuts down even the most offensive opponents and creates a wall that cannot be penetrated. Whether you are a new coach or an old one, you will find these defensive drills timeless as you improve the quality of the defense if your team.

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