(Rental)-Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls

  • (Rental)-Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls
  • Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Game-Winning, Special Situation Strategies: Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding & Jump Balls

    Jeff Walz is one of the best coaches in women’s college basketball and has the resume to prove it. His Louisville Cardinals won the ACC title in 2018 and 2019 and Walz was the conference coach of the year in 2018. In this video, Coach Walz shows you a variety of plays and strategies for the special situations that coaches face all season long.

    Free Throw Rebounding

    In the search for stealing extra possessions in a game, Coach Walz presents some strategies for offensive rebounding in free throw situations. You will see how to change your game goals around free throw shooting. It will improve your players’ confidence and increase their aggressiveness in attacking the boards.

    Sideline Inbound Plays

    Coaches are faced with several inbound play decisions each game. Coach Walz offers up seven sideline plays that can help your team score through a variety of unique actions. These plays include:

    • Triple: Multipurpose set play that will run shooters off screens while also providing the ability to attack the rim with a dribble handoff
    • In: Spreads the defense out to isolate a talented post player in scoring position near the rim
    • Cardinal: Another multipurpose play that features post-ups off screening action and flows into screen-the-screener action

    Other plays help distort defenses and make them susceptible to attacks off cuts and ball screens.

    Baseline Inbound Plays

    Coach Walz shares four baseline plays that can create layups. These plays include:

    • Indiana: A staple in Walz’s playbook that helps teams get an easy scoring opportunity
    • Illinois: The defense is lulled into a making a mistake with screen-the-screener action and slips
    • High: A 3-point shot is the result coming off of an elevator screen

    Coach Walz also demonstrates a baseline inbound play that exploits zone defenses and creates open jumpers from the corner.

    Jump Balls

    Score right off the bat with two jump ball plays. Learn how to take advantage by understanding the rules regarding jump balls. Walz shows you how to separate from defenders and get easy layups. Another jump ball play confuses opponents and ends up with an open 3-point shot.

    This is an outstanding collection of awesome situation plays that can help you own all the special situations you come across.

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