(Rental)-How To Win Against Any Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-How To Win Against Any Zone Defense
  • How To Win Against Any Zone Defense by Hubie Brown Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Learn strategies and tips to defeat any zone defense
    • Simple principles will teach you how to manage pressure and trapping.
    • Find easy ways to score with less talent at all levels

    Learn how to beat traps, break down zone defenses, and use inbounds plays for scoring opportunities.

    Hubie Brown's decades of experience as a coach in high school, college, and professional basketball has given him a unique perspective of the game, especially how to beat zone defenses. Coach Brown offers strategies for breaking down defenses at all levels.

    Brown's three key keys to playing under pressure are the foundation of all his teachings. He uses each key throughout his presentation.

    Brown also outlines three key principles that can be used to create spacing and neutralize trapping, pressing, and zone defenses.

    These keys can be put to use in Brown's series on beating the 1-3-1 half-court trap and his series for beating any type of zone defense. Brown provides an out of bounds play to emphasize the importance scoring on out-of-bounds plays, and to force your opponents to think beyond your offense.

    Brown calls it "the greatest thing we've ever done in our coaching careers."

    A special zone attack is also presented by him that confuses defense after a timeout.

    This is your chance learn from one of the most respected clinicians in the game. Brown has made a career coaching players with lower talent than the rest. These simple tips and tricks will help you!

    61 minutes. 2010

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