(Rental)-How To Run The Princeton

  • (Rental)-How To Run The Princeton
  • How To Run The Princeton by Kevin Pigott Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Coach Pigott is a committed coach of the Princeton Offense. He provides a detailed overview of the components that make up this deadly offensive attack. The anchor of the Princeton Offense, Coach Pigott starts with the backdoor cut. Drilling incorporates the use of chairs to protect the drill and focuses on back cuts from five different locations. Pigott emphasizes footwork to set up the back cut, including the swing arms through, planted outside foot and swim move. Footwork variation is a daily drill that strengthens the back door setup. The Princeton Lay-Up Drill focuses on conditioning, ball handling, and making the lay-up. In drill format, the whole offense is broken down. This drill is a great way to help players learn about this complex attack. The skill development drills include the BC drill and four corners passing. Pigott also includes the wing flashplay, which is a combination the pieces in the presentation.

    92 minutes. 2007.

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