(Rental)-How To Run The Michigan Two Guard Front Offense (jicha)

  • (Rental)-How To Run The Michigan Two Guard Front Offense (jicha)
  • How To Run The Michigan Two Guard Front Offense (jicha) by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Run the Michigan Two Guard Front Offense

    Learn how to run the two guard front offense made famous by former West Virginia and Michigan head coach John Beilein in this video by John A. Ferguson HS (FL) head coach Tom Jicha. Coach Jicha, formerly as Sunset HS (FL), shares his interpretation of the perimeter-based offense. It is designed to help smaller teams that lack a post player more scoring opportunities.

    Coach Jicha reveals his three main sets: Motion, Shuffle, and Chin and blends them together to show you why his offense is one of the most difficult to defend in today’s game.

    Chin Set

    The Chin Set is broken down on the dry erase board first. Coach Jicha guides you through the offense including the four ways to get into it: the middle pass, the side pass, reversal, and the hand off. He then takes you to the court where he demonstrates the spacing and ball movement the offense provides. You’ll see the bump cut and pull-through techniques that are used to counter defensive pressure. Jicha also shows you the importance of high dribble-outs and the handoff to create back doors.

    Motion Set

    Motion is the set that is used on almost every trip down the floor. The offense starts with a wing pass and cut by the point. Coach Jicha then demonstrates seven motion options once that entry pass occurs. The secret to Motion is how smoothly it flows into Chin, which is extremely frustrating for defenses.

    Shuffle Set

    Shuffle is a unique set that provides wing-to-block shuffle cutting action. It can also flow right into Chin. In addition to the breakdowns of each set, Coach Jicha also teaches 20 quick hitters that can be used with the offense – five each for Chin and Motion and 10 for Shuffle.

    Coach Jicha closes his presentation with 10 drills he uses to teach offensive actions and to demonstrate how to get game shots. This video breaks down a complex offensive system so well it can be used at any level of play.

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