(Rental)-How to Build Your Half Court Defense From the Ground Up

  • Half Court Defense Drills for basketball
  • How to Build Your Half Court Defense From the Ground Up by Brian Dutcher Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Half Court Defense from the Ground Up

    San Diego State head coach Brian Dutcher has a long history of building shut-down defenses. An assistant under long-time head coach Steve Fisher at both Michigan and San Diego State, Dutcher has been instrumental in leading the Aztecs to ten Mountain West titles and two appearances in the Sweet Sixteen.

    In this half court defense video, Dutcher shows you how to build a defense from closeouts to weak side positioning, post defense, double teams, beating ball screens, and much more. You will benefit from Dutcher’s years of experience on the defensive side of the ball. All the drills and techniques that he has used to produce outstanding defenses at both Michigan and San Diego State are on display here.

    Closeouts and Weak Side Positioning

    If you want to be good on defense, your players must have the ability to closeout. Coach Dutcher presents three drills to teach the technique and weak side positioning through closeout drills that begin in a 1-on-1 situation and progress to 2-on-2. Top and Bottom I is a drill that focuses on seeing the ball from the weak side, helping on dribble penetration, and then recovering with a closeout in a 2-on-2 situation.

    Post Defense

    The heart of any defense is defending the post. Coach Dutcher shows you multiple drills to help defend the post, including a drill that works on all phases of half-court post defense. You will also learn how you can effectively double team a post player. Coach Dutcher shows you how his teams double the post and then rotate out of traps in any scenario.

    Meeting of Three and 4-on-4 Stunting

    Meeting of Three is a drill that teaches players how to defend floppy action or pin down screens. The drill is great because it utilizes multiple athletes so there isn’t any standing around. Players learn individually and as a team how to defend these actions. The 4-on-4 Stunting Drill is Coach Dutcher’s take on a 4-on-4 Shell Drill, but it emphasizes stunting and closing out.

    Ball Screen Defense

    At all levels of basketball, defenses are facing the ball screen. As a result, you need to be proficient in defending against ball screens. Coach Dutcher shows you how to attack the popular motion ball screen offense. You will see a 2-on-2 breakdown drill that helps you practice reading ball screens. The final drill in the segment is a competitive ball screen cutthroat drill.

    If you want to build a dominant half court defense, this is the video for you. In 85 minutes, Coach Dutcher will show you exactly how to construct a defensive system that has helped his teams consistently finish among the nation’s best defenses year after year. Rent this Half Court Defense DVD today.

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