(Rental)-High Volume Basketball Shooting Drills for Team Practice

  • (Rental)-High Volume Basketball Shooting Drills for Team Practice
  • High Volume Basketball Shooting Drills for Team Practice by Darris Nichols Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    A collection of drills that will give your players lots of shots is a great addition to your practice arsenal.

    • You can warm up your team by using drills that mimic game shots as well as cutting, passing, and cutting.
    • Implement measurables to identify shooters in your program.
    • For rapid skill development, take a lot of shots from different spots on the floor.

    Darris Nichols is on the floor to give team shooting drills. These drills create a winning environment on the practice floor that transfers over to game day. Coach Nichols will give you a set of drills for your team to use throughout the season. These drills can be used to improve team communication, team fundamentals, and overall accountability. Each drill has a competitive element, but also includes a conditioning component.

    Everyday Team Warm Up Drills (Peer Assessment Drills).

    Coach Nichols shows you a series warm-up drills that can be used to help your players assess each other. These drills are focused on fundamentals such as dribbling and screening, pivoting, and screen-catching. You'll see:

    • Oregon Passing Ð An every other day drill to cut and pass.
    • 3 Man Rush Ð Focuses on pitching the ball ahead and focusing on passing and catching in transition.
    • 5-on-5 Full Court No Dribble- This focuses on saving your bounce, catching/rebounding with only two hands and saving your bounce.

    Team Shooting Drills

    Nichols' team shooting drills focus on fundamentals such as passing, catching and shooting. To create a friendly atmosphere, he sets goals for the team. To keep the team focused, players often need to take a certain number of shots before they miss. You will also learn drills to help you identify the shooters on your team who deserve a "green signal" in critical situations.

    Coach Nichols stresses the importance of creating a positive environment for your team each day in order to create a long-lasting team culture. This video will show you how to create a positive environment for your team and teach you some fundamental skills in basketball.

    77 minutes. 2022.

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