(Rental)-High Intensity Strength Training Volume 4: Metabolic Conditioning And Manual Resistance Training (bradley)

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    By Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley’s profile

    Michael Bradley is the Men’s Basketball Coach for Strength & Conditioning at the Florida State University. He has more than 20 years worth of top-level coaching experience. He has coaching expertise in college athletics and has trained athletes at several institutions such as the Stanford University, the US Military Academy, and also the University of Miami

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    In this video, you will get to learn about a power training technique called manual resistance. You will be taught why Metabolic Conditioning is a very unique training method and you will see the special considerations that have been made for the ankle and the lower leg.


    If it is the case that your team has no access to a weight room or does not have all the necessary equipment for work-outs then this video is a must get for you. If you are also searching for more ways to raise the level of your work-outs intensities, you will find this video very perfect

    In this video, Coach Michael Bradley showcases his manual resistance program which has been a great success. This program increases strength significantly and the best part is that it does not require too much equipment. The second segment shows an integral part of the basketball preseason training in Florida State called metabolic conditioning. Finally, in the last segment, you will get to see how Coach Bradley talks about the special considerations which are very important when training the ankle and also the lower leg.

    Manual Resistance Training

    Manual resistance training is also referred to as partner assisted exercise. It is a training method where resistance is applied to the person who is training by someone called a “spotter.” This is a very good method because it lets the team carry out training with no equipment. You will see how Coach Bradley talks about the very important coaching points which make manual resistance training a very superior technique, especially, when applied accurately. It is also a very cool way for the addition of variety to work-outs. Manual resistance training does not only help to increase strength but can also be an effective way to inculcate the values of the team into the athletes because it demands regular that the lifter constantly gets coaching and communicates with the spotter.

    Metabolic Conditioning

    While there are cardiovascular pieces of training for fitness and strength, a third training level also exists and it is called Metabolic Conditioning. Coach Bradley uses this very intense training to take athletes through a workout that is meant to build their strength and combines it with a conditioning session. This workout is designed in such a way that the player will be expected to carry out about 10 exercise for strength training mixed in with 10 sprints in a duration of about 18-24 minutes. As you go through this extremely intense workout in the video, remember that inculcating the fundamentals of very high-level strength training in your players is important.

    For metabolic conditioning to be effective, the pace must be fairly rapid and the reps must be controlled including all out-sets. Metabolic conditioning is the most intense physical training that you will find out there and it is good for teams that have time restraints. This intense training routine enhances strength, increases cardiovascular fitness, and enhances metabolic conditioning all in one workout session. It is recommended that only athletes that are well trained should make use of metabolic conditioning.

    The Ankle and The Lower

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