(Rental)-High Intensity Strength Training Volume 2: Exercise Protocols And Techniques (bradley)

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    By Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley’s profile

    Michael Bradley is the Men’s Basketball Coach for Strength & Conditioning at the Florida State University. He has coaching expertise in college athletics and has trained athletes at several institutions such as the Stanford University, the US Military Academy, and also the University of Miami.

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    In this video, you will get to learn about the techniques that will help to increase an exercise’s level of intensity and its effectiveness. You will be able to master the best methods of advanced training techniques that are highly intense. The techniques are designed to focus on the knee and also the knee tendonitis.


    Strength training & conditioning happen to be a very crucial aspect for any basketball team that wants to be great. When players build their strength levels and their muscles outside the court, it can help them to greatly improve their performance and lower the possibility of getting injured while on the court.

    In this video, Coach Bradley leads us to the weight room to have a view of the strategies that he employs in his highly intense training program. He also through everything there is to know in relation to the appropriate ways of teaching the methods and presents great points on how to extract effort, coaching repetitions, setting up, designing and using equipment. This video is majorly centered on three key points:

    • Pre-Exhaust

    In the first part of the video, a very powerful technique called Pre-Exhaust was explained by Coach Bradley. This technique is geared toward training around an exercise’s weak link so as to focus on intensely training the muscles that are targeted. Making certain muscles to be pre-fatigued can help to create a higher intensity of training on muscles that are not always used during compound joint exercises. Bradley actually uses this technique in about 40% of training sessions because it is very effective and powerful.


    • Protocols

    The protocols segment is centered mostly on advanced protocols which can be employed to make routines more intense while adding variety. Cadence lifting and low momentum training are the topics which are addressed here since they are both used to the enhance intensity and also lower force levels. These techniques are very intense controlled repetitions and they are a very effective way to help athletes who just got off an injury to build strength without rushing their recovery. Coach Bradley also showcases a negative only training that has even more power and the several ways that it can be varied. The coach, however, advised that the only coaches who could use this technique more are coaches with a lot of experience.


    • Knee Tendonitis

    In this segment, Coach Bradley places attention on the knee which is a very important joint that a basketball has. When a player’s knee and quadriceps are strengthened, the player can move more efficiently and lower the risk of suffering severe knee damage. He also talked about tendonitis which happens to be suffered by players very often and exposes the best protocols for building knee and muscle strength in this situation without causing much pain.

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