(Rental)-High Intensity Strength Training Volume 1: Theory And Application (bradley)

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    By Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley’s profile

    Michael Bradley is the Men’s Basketball Coach for Strength & Conditioning at the Florida State University. He has more than 20 years worth of top-level coaching experience. He has coaching expertise in college athletics and has trained athletes at several institutions such as the Stanford University, the US Military Academy, and also the University of Miami.

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    In this video, you will be shown a proven framework for developing an effective system for strength training. You will also be taught the fundamental theories which are the foundation of strength training with very high intensity. The video will also teach you how to make good use of your time so that you can get a good experience in the weight room.

    If you are searching for a foundation on which to build your own strength & conditioning program or you just need a framework that is perfect, this video will equip you with all that you need to set up a successful training program.


    In the first volume of the strength training video series, the theory of strength training that is very intense is explained by Coach Bradley. This theory defines a training system which combines knowledge from some disciplines such as Physics, Biology, and also Physiology and uses this knowledge to create results that can be reproduced for every athlete. Coach Bradley also teaches how this theory is being applied in his training program for the basketball team at Florida State.

    Coach Bradley is simply focused on producing great results with strength training. While strength cannot be said to be a skill in itself, the ability to work hard and develop strength is a skill. His strength training program showcases a work ethic that matches the level of hard work that players show when they play on the court so as to enhance their game. Coach Bradley simply focuses mostly on knowing how one can train at the appropriate level of intensity.

    When players do not train hard enough, they will end up producing results that are very mediocre. Coach Bradley helps players to increase the level of effort that they put in and significantly improves the strength of players by demanding a very high level of effort from them in shorter workouts. He also demands a lot of focus from players. When the players keep track of their progress and direct their focus on perfect repetitions, they will be able to display increases in their strength level with progressive workouts. Coach Bradley uses this video to teach you how you can help players to be at their very best with the use of strength training techniques that are very intense.


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