(Rental)-Half Court Defensive Pressure System

  • (Rental)-Half Court Defensive Pressure System
  • Half Court Defensive Pressure System by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System

    Coach Walberg, the creator of the Dribble Drive Attack offense, completes his defensive system with this deep dive into his half-court defense. This presentation, along with his other DVD “Full Court Pressure Defensive System” offers coaches a complete defense to match up against today’s modern offenses.

    Coach Walberg begins with a review of the basics of the full-court defense including key concepts like ball pressure, dividing the court into quarters, player assignments, and terminology. He then transitions to the half-court where he explains and demonstrates each player’s position and responsibility against the common 4-Out 1-In and 3-Out 2-In sets.

    You will learn the essentials of how to play a high pressure half-court defense night after night. These essentials include:

    • Half-court terminology
    • Screen out responsibilities and drills
    • Defending the post
    • Handling the skip pass
    • Handling screens
    • Defending the pick and roll
    • Defending the dribble hand off or kick back

    To master the half-court pressure defense, Coach Walberg shares a number of drills. In the Shell Drill, it starts versus a 4-Out or a 3-Out 1-In set. Communication and movement are stressed and Walberg then progresses into other drills such as the Paint Touch drill, Baseline Penetration drill, Middle Penetration drill, and Pick and Roll drill. Walberg uses a point system with nearly all of his drills to make them more competitive.

    One of Walberg’s favorites is the Perfect 35 drill where a defense must top the offense for 35 seconds with no fouls, no offensive rebounds, no paint touches, and without giving up a score. This drill also uses a point system to make it more competitive. The drill is a great conditioner too.

    Coach Walberg concludes the presentation with some game film examples of his defense in action. You’ll learn plenty from his commentary as he watches the film.

    One of the game’s most innovative coaches, Walberg offers you the opportunity to implement his entire pressure defensive system by pairing this half-court defense video with his previous full-court presentation.

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