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  • basketball ball handling drills for your team
  • Grassroots Basketball Series: Team Ballhandling by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Team Ball Handling Drills with Ganon Baker

    This ball handling drills DVD does not lack for star power as players learn from Ganon Baker, world famous basketball trainer, and Boo Williams, chairman of Boys Basketball AAU. Baker is renowned for being passionate about improving the lives of young men and women through the sport and basketball. His energy will grab you from the first minute.

    Ball Handling Drills Progression

    Baker and Williams do a great job of having a natural progression with each drill that starts with form and moves to speed and finally contact. In the form stage, players are encouraged to focus on doing the drill perfectly but then to move out of your comfort zone and push yourself. This will inevitably cause mistakes but Baker and Williams get joy out of seeing those mistakes because it means the players are trying to improve. The goal of the teachings in this ball handling drills DVD is to develop a players confidence with the ball. Competent ball handling is the best way to quickly improve your game and keep yourself on the court during games.

    Ball Handling Drills Workout

    The workout is broken up into a multitude of sessions or series. It begins with the "Form Series" which as used as a warm up to strengthen the hands, develop hand eye coordination, and feel for the ball. These drills are all done stationary. The DVD then progresses to the "Drive Series" which teaches the basic form and technique for dribble moves on the move. During this series the coaches demonstrate the best way to take advantage of your dribbling skills by practicing with a partner. They show you how to eat up the space in between you and your defender to effectively blow by them. The workout finishes with some full court drills which adds a layer of conditioning into your workout. These drills are applicable to all coaches at all levels. Since the difficulty of each drill is dependent on how hard the player pushes him/herself there is no limit to who can benefit from these drills. Ball handling is the beginning of every basketball players journey and it is the differentiation of the elite players. Quite frankly you cannot afford to neglect this part of your game and you have the chance to learn from two of the best.

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