(Rental)-Gap Attack Zone Offense

  • (Rental)-Gap Attack Zone Offense
  • Gap Attack Zone Offense by Brad Brownell Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Instead of focusing on running plays, teach your players how to "play" against a zone.
    • To create scoring opportunities for all players on the floor, distort any zone
    • Learn how to strike the gaps in any defense zone

    Use Brad Brownell's Gap Attack or Quick Change Zone Offense to attack any zone you may face.

    Brownell outlines 10 zone principles. These principles will enable your team to score on any zone defense, without having to rely upon set plays. Here are some of Brownell's principles.

    • Take on the Gap Position Ð Learn how to create gaps within your shooting range
    • Quick change ball reversal - Open up shots by moving defense
    • Shot Fake and Pass Fake - Use falses to pose a threat to your team and make them more open to you
    • Displace the Zone with the Dribble - Give the defense a new look using the dribble

    Brownell will show you how to communicate these principles to your players. Brownell uses perimeter drills and post drills in order to break down the principles and make it easier to teach them.

    Brownell also included one of his favourite set plays, which can be used against a zone or in continuity with the motion zone offense.

    These drills and principles will help you to defeat any zone defense!

    57 minutes. 2010.

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