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  • (Rental)-Game Action Drills
  • Game Action Drills by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Coach Crean says that coaching is all about creating game-like action in practice. Players will see improvements in their game which will increase confidence and prepare them for action. Crean starts by dissecting the Chicago set play and the various schemes that it contains. To review each player's role in the play, Crean spends time with them. Clear 40 is another play that focuses on improving timing and player execution. Marquette's offense is based on hand-offs. The handoff drill focuses on timing, passing, and explosion at exchange point. The 4-Cone Drill focuses on game moves and shots. Each player performs a crossover, inside out dribble move, and slides shot or scoop shot. Reversing the ball to open-shooters is another part of the offense. Crean's ball reversal drill teaches key points about good reversal. Crean practices the art of making a lay-up game. Every layup in a game could make the difference between winning or losing. The fast break is another aspect of practice. Specific player responsibilities are required for the 2-on-1 advantage break. The 5-on-5 break can then be put together and executed. To save practice time, set plays can be added to the fast-break.

    68 minutes. 2007.

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