(Rental)- Full & Half Court Team Offense

  • (Rental)- Full & Half Court Team Offense
  • Full & Half Court Team Offense by Sherri Coale Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Full and Half Court Team Offense Oklahoma women’s head basketball coach Sherri Coale turned around the Sooners’ program by implementing an offensive system that can beat any defense. In this video, Coach Coale, who has 10 total Big 12 Conference championships, provides you with a complete tutorial on all things offense. Learn how to attack man and zone defenses with a continuity offense and set plays that you can easily install and use right away. Man-to-Man Offense Coach Coale gives you the basics on an easy continuity system that can become the foundation for building a motion offense. 5-Game Motion is a perfect continuity offense for teams with players of the same size and skill level. 4-Game Motion incorporates a post player near the basket and incorporates cuts and screens all while spreading the floor to create room for dribble penetration. Zone Offense You will see how to effectively use your post players to create advantages in the middle of a 2-3 zone. Posts learn to seal in and seal out to wreak havoc on the middle player in the zone. Players learn how and where to attack zone defenses. By developing this mentality, Coale’s players learn to attack zones from any angle on the floor and from the most obvious spot – the high post. Coach Coale demonstrates a number of easy set plays that can be used to attack zone defenses. The sets contain multiple scoring looks that become available when the defense takes away the No. 1 option. Sideline and Baseline Inbounds Coach Coale teaches her players to have a scoring mentality on sideline and baseline inbounds plays. It’s not just a matter of “getting the ball in.” Coach Coale shows you the scoring options available for each play against man and zone defenses. She also offers up counters and tweaks to each play to keep defenses on their toes. Transition Fast break basketball comes down to what an offensive player must do every time down the floor. Get fouled, move the ball, and make a decision. When the primary break fails, Coach Coale details a secondary break that offers scoring opportunities from inside and out against any defense. The secondary break then flows easily into the continuity offense. Press Breakers In the final part of her presentation, Coach Coale demonstrates how she can break any full court press. She keeps it simple and then uses a 2-on-2 Safe and Secure drill to teach her players to be strong with the ball. Finally, everything culminates with two last-second plays that are designed to get your best players the shot needed to win a game. Coach Coale gives you a comprehensive look at her offensive system, one that can help any program succeed. Using the set plays and offensive ideas presented in this video can help create a winning offensive system at any level.
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