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  • Basketball Offensive System with Fred Hoiberg
  • Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Offensive System by Fred Hoiberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Offensive System with Fred Hoiberg

    A well-spaced, disciplined fast break can lead to plenty of success on the basketball court. Nebraska head men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg can attest to that. Hoiberg, the former Chicago Bulls head coach, took Iowa State to back-to-back Big 12 Tournament championships in 2014 and ’15. The big reason why the Cyclones were so successful was the transition offensive system that Hoiberg employed. Iowa State was one of the highest-scoring teams in the nation and led the country in 3-pointers per game.

    In this 77-minute basketball offensive system video, you will get an extensive look at Hoiberg’s transition system. Using whiteboard diagrams, Coach Hoiberg takes you through midseason practice sessions focusing on simple primary and secondary fast break actions. Along with the diagrams, you will get a glimpse at Coach Hoiberg’s playbook. Some of the key points deal with spacing, opening lanes for playmakers, and always being in a position to force a defense to make decisions.

    Coach Hoiberg then moves to the court for demonstrations of the primary and secondary fast break. Using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations, Hoiberg shows players the spots on the floor where wings and posts need to be to create proper spacing. Big men create space by running the floor, for example. Coach Hoiberg also discusses how players are to react on a middle or baseline drive.

    Basketball Offensive System for Transition

    After the primary break, Coach Hoiberg gets into the secondary break actions that involve drag screens, a double stagger screen, and a pin down screen. You will see two quick hitters that Hoiberg likes to use to take advantage of aggressive defenses.

    Late-game situations are also covered in this video. Coach Hoiberg shows you a late-game inbounds play to get a quality 3-point look for your best shooter. If the long-range jumper isn’t there, the play has an alternative – a layup for a post player. Coach Hoiberg also goes through a late-game situation where your team is ahead, drilling to players to get good looks at the basket.

    In the final segment of the video, Hoiberg shares two more out-of-bounds plays and also talks about his philosophy of having three distinct phases on in-season practice. He then discusses each phase and how it is used. Hoiberg also talks about tailoring an offense to suit personnel.

    A sound, well-spaced transition offense can leave defenses out of position. Coach Hoiberg gives you some ideas in his presentation on how you can make that happen for your program. Rent this Basketball Offensive System for basketball DVD today.

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