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  • Fred Hoiberg Defensive Strategies
  • Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Defensive Strategies & Drills by Fred Hoiberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Fred Hoiberg Defensive Strategies & Drills

    Current Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg has had his fair share of success. He spent 10 years in the NBA and won back-to-back Big 12 tournament titles as the head coach at Iowa State from 2010 to 2015. For his efforts, Hoiberg was the 2012 Big 12 Co-Head Coach of the Year.

    In this dynamic presentation, Hoiberg focuses in on the defensive concepts that have helped his teams stifle their opponents. The presentation is unique in that it features five live practices.

    Hoiberg begins by explaining his transition defense philosophy, which includes who will hit the boards on offense, who gets back on defense, and how to build the wall. Hoiberg likes to build a wall to take away key scoring areas on the floor. You will see several drills on the whiteboard that teach transition defense concepts and Hoiberg also demonstrates the Line Transition drill.

    To improve the defensive skills of guarding ball screens and dribble hand-offs, Hoiberg likes to use 3-on-3 drills. Each drill focuses on a unique aspect of defense such as hand position, staying active, or communicating. All the drills are diagrammed and then demonstrated on the floor.

    Fred Hoiberg Defensive Strategies for Undersized Players

    There is a segment on how to defend the post with undersized players. Hoiberg shares some key points on how to force post players to turn the ball over. It’s done by using high, active hands as well as taking away any baseline moves to force posts to the center of the floor.

    You will get an inside look at how Coach Hoiberg uses an NBA-style of defending ball screens. Different calls are used to communicate how the defense will play any type of screen. Here, Coach Hoiberg shows two drills for defending ball screens.

    Finally, Hoiberg shows you the “Down-Back-Stop” drill. It’s a full-court game simulation where one team starts with possession. That team transitions down the floor and then plays defense in transition before the drill stops. The teams then huddle to review the previous rep and talk about the next one.

    Coach Hoiberg’s presentation is an outstanding look at how to prepare undersized defenses for opponents, how to defend screens, and how to create turnovers . Rent this Fred Hoiberg Defensive Strategies DVD today.

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