(Rental)-Flex Offense Reads & Counters

  • (Rental)-Flex Offense Reads & Counters
  • Flex Offense Reads & Counters by Ed Cooley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Use the flex offense to win, even if you have to counter it.

    • You will need to know the basics of floor spacing in order to run the popular Flex offense.
    • To help your team score quickly and often, you will need to know the key points of transition offense
    • For opposing defenses, you can get counter actions to try and anticipate the movements.

    You can't beat experience! You can't beat experience! Ed Cooley, Providence's head coach, has more than 20 years experience in running the flex offense. He has seen almost every move that can be used to defeat the flex. This video shows many of the ways he has found to keep his flex offense a threat to opponents. The flex offense is the same as the one that most basketball coaches are familiar with. However, Coach Cooley also shares advanced wrinkles, adjustments and counters to make defensive adjustments.

    Transition Offense Review

    Cooley starts by going over his transition offense and how it can seamlessly flow into the flex. He discusses inbounding the ball and player positions. Finally, he explains how to get athletes to accept different names for their transition spots.

    Cooley, as he does throughout his presentation, discusses the many readings that players need to master in order to maximize scoring potential.

    The Flex Offense

    Coach Cooley explains his flex offense progressions once he is in the half court. He gives rules and structure for an offense that allows all five players to be interchangeable. He walks you through his Flex sequence. He explains both the strong and weak sides of each action, so that players can keep screening and cutting with a purpose.

    A good defense will be able to pick up on any movement and deprive or pressure certain options and players. Cooley provides a list of pressure release options that will give defenses headaches!

    Flex Adjustments

    Cooley covers everything, from player bumps to switching screens. With multiple adjustments and plays, you will see how to put your players in position to thrive against any defensive change up with nine different variations/adjustments.

    Versus Zone Defense

    Coach Cooley then walks through his top plays against zone defenses, and shows how to attack inside and outside of the 3-point line.

    Cooley is an expert on the Flex offense and shares his knowledge in a humorous and informative manner. This video is great for teams who run the flex in a variety of ways to frustrate defenses and win even more games.

    75 minutes. 2019.

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