(Rental)-Fast Paced Basketball Skill Development Drills: Shooting, Passing, &Rebounding

  • (Rental)-Fast Paced Basketball Skill Development Drills: Shooting, Passing, &Rebounding
  • Fast Paced Basketball Skill Development Drills: Shooting, Passing, &Rebounding by Kelvin Sampson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Fast-Paced Skill Development Drills: Shooting, Passing & Rebounding

    University of Houston head coach Kelvin Sampson has a history of rebuilding programs. He has done so at Houston where he was the American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year in both 2018 and 2019. In this video, Coach Sampson offers up 10 different drills you can use with your entire team in a practice setting to improve individual skills such as shooting, passing, and rebounding.

    Shooting Drills

    Watch as Coach Sampson leads four shooting drills to help players improve their skills from every spot on the floor. The 25 Right & Left Layups drill demands perfection on layups as players work on finishing at the rim. Shake Shots helps players break down scoring options on pick and rolls. Every player gets a shot on every rep while working the 3-man action of side ball screens.

    There are also two team shooting drills where players race around multiple spots on the floor in order to get open and win the drill. It’s a drill that will definitely get your players moving!

    Transition Drills

    Coach Sampson then shows you six drills that teach players how to play fast in the full court. He also shows you his primary fast break attack. The drills in this segment include:

    • One Minute Passing: Teaches players to get open on the perimeter using L-cuts.
    • War Drill: Players learn to fight for rebounds and dominate the boards.
    • Full Court Layups: Teaches players to score at high speed with burst out dribbles.
    • Four-Second Fast Break: Teaches Houston’s fast break attack and how they advance the ball quickly up the floor
    • Rebound to Two-Man Fast Break: Another drill to emphasize the quick outlet pass off of missed shots

    This video is a great look at the skill development that Coach Sampson has brought to the college game from his time in the NBA. Raise your program’s level of play using what Coach Sampson teaches. Rent this fast paced basketball drills DVD today.

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