(Rental)-Essential Components For A Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing And Fakes

  • Successful Basketball Offenses | Cutting, Spacing, & Fakes
  • Essential Components For A Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing And Fakes by Melanie Balcomb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Successful Basketball Offenses: Cutting, Spacing & Fakes

    Melanie Balcomb is the winningest coach in Vanderbilt women's basketball history thanks, in large part, to her philosophy on the offensive end of the floor. She has over 400 wins, has won three SEC titles, and took Vanderbilt to 12 straight NCAA tournament berths between 2003 and 2014 with an offense that goes much deeper than the set play.

    In this on-court presentation, Coach Balcomb dives deep into the offense that helped her win an average of 23-plus games per season. Instead of teaching players set plays, Coach Balcomb teaches concepts. Players work conceptually rather than through a series of set plays or quick hitters. Coach Balcomb believes players are more effective when they are taught to read and react to a defense to find multiple scoring opportunities.

    One of the things you will see in Coach Balcomb's presentation is a discussion of the top four things an offense can do to control any defense.

    * Proper spacing

    * Timing

    * Read defenses

    * Move without the basketball

    Successful Basketball Offense Key Points

    Next, Coach Balcomb moves into areas of offense that are often not stressed enough but can affect outcomes. Off the ball actions are important. Players must understand how to move without the ball. Balcomb also gets into fakes - shot fakes and ball fakes to slow down a defense and make a read. Cutting is another skill that is important in countering defenses. 

    Through the use of Vandy's main set play, Coach Balcomb shows you five scoring options that include all the elements of the offense. You will see the 5-on-0 Putting It All Together drill in which players must do all of the little things that make an offense effective.

    In the successful basketball offenses video, Coach Balcomb shares the finer points of offense introducing concepts that every offense must master to become effective. She teaches players how to play and coaches how to coach their players through movements and actions, not just set plays. You will develop players that play more freely reading and attacking defenses at their weak points. Rent this successful basketball offenses DVD today.

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