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  • Encylopedia of the Elevation Offense by Tyler Whitcomb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Elevation Offense Basketball Encyclopedia

    Continuity offenses are often anything but simple. Tyler Whitcomb, founder of the Elevation Offense, disagrees and shows you a continuity offense that is easy for players to learn and has the ability to generate numerous high-quality scoring chances. Whitcomb is a former pro basketball general manager and scout who is currently the head coach at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. His Elevation Offense opens up the floor and, in this video; he shows you how to flow right into it from transition and inbounds plays.

    Structure and Essentials of the Elevation Offense

    Coach Whitcomb begins on the whiteboard and diagrams the Elevation Offense. It all begins from the Horns alignment, which creates a consistent structure. Whitcomb explains the multiple options for entry and then uses on-court demonstration to reinforce the concepts. Players are taught several “automatics” that help them pick up the idea of the continuity.

    Coach Whitcomb goes deep into the many opportunities available for scoring. Spacing the floor helps to open up baseline drives. You will learn other calls and reads that allow for scoring off the primary screening actions in the Elevation Offense. There are also opportunities to create isolation situations and exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses.

    Sets and Breakdown Drills of the Elevation Offense Basketball

    Whitcomb demonstrates seven different inbound plays, five from the baseline and two from the sideline. The baseline plays use a box alignment and Coach Whitcomb shows you how each play flows directly into the Elevation Offense. The sideline plays do the same.

    Four breakdown drills are shown to help teach and build the offense. Guards learn to shoot off the screen and attack on drives. Posts work to get better at finishing at the rim while slipping the screen. The 5-on-0 Drill allows players to go through all the scoring options available in the Elevation Offense.

    Coach Whitcomb’s system is a great way to run a continuity offense using passing, replacing, and special screens. The offense takes away help defenders in almost every situation and is a must-see for coaches looking for new ideas or a completely new offensive system. Rent the Elevation Offense Basketball DVD today.

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