(Rental)-Encyclopedia Of The 1--1--3 Match--up Zone Defense (dunlap)

  • (Rental)-Encyclopedia Of The 1--1--3 Match--up Zone Defense (dunlap)
  • Encyclopedia Of The 1--1--3 Match--up Zone Defense (dunlap) by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mike Dunlap has had an incredibly successful coaching career and much of it is due to his knowledge of defense. He has compiled everything he has learned from some of the most famous 1-1-3 defenses to create his own pressure defense. He goes into incredible detail on how to coach and implement this defense into your program. This is an amazing opportunity for you to drastically improve your teams defense by causing confusion and forcing turnovers.

    Five Trademarks of the 1-1-3

    Coach Dunlap introduces and goes into amazing detail of his five trademarks of the 1-1-3 defense: stance, hands, jumping to the ball, communication, and rebounding. Within each trademark is a common theme of extreme ball pressure. Each drill is designed to teach the player how to make the ball handler uncomfortable to taking away his air space. These drills and teaching points are also very applicable to your man-to-man defense as they are based in individual player fundamentals.

    Coach Dunlap introduces the first three trademarks as a way to properly defend the ball. He teaches players to trace the line of the ball with active hands and proper footwork to force the ball handler where you want them to go. He also teaches active hands to keep good shooters uncomfortable by keeping the hand in line with the ball. The goal of jumping to the ball is to keep proper defensive spacing and extreme ball pressure. This is a difficult habit to en grain but Dunlap shows tremendous drills that will have your players working as one unit with pressure all over the court.

    Perhaps the two most important trademarks of the 1-1-3 zone defense is communication and defense. Without these two skills nothing else matters. Dunlap shows a tremendous teaching technique to help your players communicate using shot one-word phrases. Dunlap does a great job of teaching how to rebound out of a zone that you can use with any of your zone defenses. He stresses putting players into proper positions, solidifying the weak side and creating a triangle around the rim, along with being able to anticipate misses by playing percentages.

    Technical Skills

    Having a fundamental knowledge of the 1-1-3 match up zone is not enough. Dunlap also goes into great detail into the more overlooked, technical aspects of playing this defense. These include but are not limited to long and short close outs, footwork, cheat steps, and understanding how to force the offensive ball handler into difficult situations.

    Break the rhythm of any defense using this ball hawking, pressure 1-1-3 defense by renting this DVD today.

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