(Rental)-Eliminating Losing Plays to Win More Basketball Games

  • (Rental)-Eliminating Losing Plays to Win More Basketball Games
  • Eliminating Losing Plays to Win More Basketball Games by Dave Richman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Eliminating Losing Plays to Win More Games

    Teams that can win 65 percent of their possessions in a game set themselves up well for success. North Dakota State head coach Dave Richman believes simple fundamentals can help teams win those crucial possessions and build successful programs.

    In this video, Coach Richman discusses the framework for winning which includes being prepared for those late-game, win-or-lose situations. You will watch as Coach Richman gives you ideas on how to keep all of your players engaged on every play. Watch as athletes lock in during warmups, transition drills, rebound situations, and defensive scenarios.

    Energy Drills

    Oftentimes, practices do not start with energy. Coach Richman offers up an effective way to build energy early in a practice. Three simple drills allow coaches to test how much effort players are actually giving early on in practice. These drills set the stage and reinforce fundamental plays on the ball. Using these drills also translates into fewer turnovers in the long run.

    “8-to-Great-to-Late” Possession Philosophy

    Some feel the “8-to-Great-to-Late” possession philosophy is too up-tempo. Richman doesn’t. He likes to let his players play within the limits of this possession practice. He does so for the following reasons:

    • The offense utilizes space, takes advantage of momentum, and is always on the attack
    • Keeps the game simple with east-west movement creating north-south scoring chances
    • Allows for comfort in late shot clock and late-game situations and exposes undisciplined defenses

    Conversion Level Drill

    This drill helps players work on matchup adjustments on defense. Coach Richman goes through all the personnel assignments using this drill. Players then understand how to adjust to different types of scoring threats that they will go up against.

    The greatest part of Coach Richman’s presentation is that it gives a purpose and focus to why fundamentals are so important. You will see how emphasis on fundamentals is the key to winning crucial situations in games. This video is a great guide for new coaches and a refresher for veterans that need to stay on top of their game.

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