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  • Effective Zone Offense Set Plays by Anthony Carlyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Effective Zone Offense Set Plays

    Zone defenses are being employed more and more at every level of basketball these days. Five-time state champion head coach Anthony Carlyle has built a tradition at Yazoo City HS (MS) using zone sets the provide multiple scoring options against any type of zone defense. He shares many of those simple but effective plays with you in this video.

    Philosophy of Zone Offense

    With a belief in working on your weaknesses, Coach Carlyle has crafted a zone offense designed to score against any zone defense. At one point in his career, his teams struggled with zone defenses. He decided to put his players to work and learn how to apply man-to-man principles while running their zone sets. The result was a philosophy that he still believes in today.

    Set Plays

    For Coach Carlyle, set plays against a zone start with false action or some sort of misdirection to help create a scoring opportunity either on the perimeter or in the paint. He explains some his set plays in detail:

    • “L” is a play where the offense sets the defense up for a lob pass to the team’s most athletic player. The lob creates misdirection and allows a skip pass to your best 3-point shooter.
    • “Wing Double” creates a scoring opportunity for your best shooter by setting up the defense as you look for gaps to dribble penetrate.
    • “Screen” is a play where your wing looks to screen the middle of the zone to free up your best post player for a layup or a post-up. An added bonus is the skip pass out of the post to your best shooter or scorer.
    • In the 14 Series, players begin in a 1-4 set and work to create scoring options for your best shooter. One option uses a ball screen to create a 2-on-1 for your best penetrator.

    Coach Carlyle offers up some of the best ways to score against a zone defense in this video. You will see all sorts of demonstrations for how to beat the zone using screens, skip passes, and more. If you struggle against zone defenses, this presentation is for you! Rent this Zone Offense Set Plays DVD today.

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